Packaging Europe content submissions guidelines

If you’re interested in being featured on our website or print magazine, we accept packaging-related content submissions and publish them completely free-of-charge.

Please note that we use our discretion to decide what/what not to publish. Our focus is on content that we think will inform and engage our readers – this means stories regarding innovation, sustainability and the developments and demands that drive the packaging industry forward.

Beyond news articles and comment pieces, we also have a range of promoted products that can help you to extend your reach – take a look at our media pack for more information on this.

When making a submission, please include at least one image that is related to the story, in the following dimensions: 1080px (wide) x 810px (high)

To make a submission, get in touch with us at We look forward to hearing from you!


What kind of content can people submit?

News: If you send us a press release and we think our readers would be interested in it, we will write it up into a news article before sharing on our website and social channels. We will always send you a link if we publish an article that is based on a press release you have sent us.

Comment pieces: Either send us a finished opinion piece or a synopsis of one and we will consider it for publication. Please note: these should not be at all promotional in tone, and should not focus on a product/service offered by your company.

Interviews/Q&A suggestions: If you have ideas for interesting, thought-leadership focussed interviews/interviewees, please send them to us for consideration.


What kind of content are we likely to publish?

Usually publishableUsually not publishable

New product launches ✅

Appointments ❌

Thought leadership-focussed comment pieces ✅

Purchase of new machinery ❌

Major acquisitions ✅

Appearance at industry events ❌

Important sustainability updates ✅

Awards wins ❌

Interesting and timely collaborative projects ✅

Case studies ❌

Thought leadership-focussed interviews ✅