Toward a Balanced News Diet

NPR is surely not the first or only news organization to emphasize quality and “nutritional value” of the “diet” it serves to its “news-consumer” listeners. And beginning in the days of Freud and Jung it’s a well-known depth psychology idea that often our most clichéd metaphors are clichés precisely because they point us to the most basic, universal, and mundane solutions to complex problems.

With this in mind, newShrink© will be on the lookout for good ways to become more aware of:

What news outlets we we are reading, following, watching, “digesting,” and relying on in daily life

How (and how intentionally and knowledgeably) we are choosing those sources, and

How to determine and improve the veracity, balance, and “nutritional value” of the fare served up by these sources.

This is where the excellent tool below comes in. I’ve found it so good in previous renditions and updates shared on Facebook that I’m passing along the link to it not just as a blog post, but as one of the permanent resource pages on this site.

So big thanks and kudos to Vanessa Otero at for the latest (2/12/18) update of The Chart, an at-a-glance analysis of the veracity, fairness, and stated or unstated left or right political leanings of the news outlets we are reading, watching, and following. According to her site, she’s a lawyer and obviously a fellow lover of real journalism. Take a look at her site for a lot of good guidance on becoming a more informed and intentional selector of resources for news and information.